RhythmetriX is an engaging and stimulating means of development for kids of all ages. With years of experience working with children, the RhythemtriX team is a fantastic and diverse option for kids: watch and learn via performance, take part in an interactive workshop, or simply play with us and have a blast doing so! Read on to hear how RhythmetriX can come bring you an experience unlike anyone else!

For Schools:

Educational Incursions (Assemblies): we'll come to your school, set up some drums, give a brief overview of our drums, where they come from, how they're built, and provide the history and cultures behind the techniques. Then we'll engage the students by doing some clapping games to get them involved before wrapping up with a short performance. 

Interactive Workshops: if you want a more hands-on experience for your kids, we do that too! We can accommodate groups of up to 45 kids at a time. In that time frame, we will demonstrate how drumming works, split the group up into three groups, teach them a rhythm, engage them in ear-training games, and then let them unleash some energy!

For Camps: 

Interactive Workshops: working in groups as small as one bunk or as large as several, we accommodate up to 45 kids at a time. Depending on your wants, we develop workshops that either focus on engaging campers in fun rhythmic games, from ear-training, to improvising, to physically taxing drumming. We can also develop and teach complicated (and fun) rhythms over time so campers can build on each lesson over time. 
We do singular day sessions or weekly sessions depending on your wants and budget.

Performances: we'll come to your establishment and perform for up to 45 minutes. Performances begin with a brief informative session on our drums before getting right into the action. We have both choreographed and improvised performances involving drums and didgeridoo to provide kids with a musical experience unlike traditional American music but just as fun!

*Special Needs or Behaviorally Challenged Kids:

We have programs specifically intended to help kids who are either developmentally/cognitively impaired or behaviorally challenged (the "bad" kids).

At RhythmetriX, we know how brain plasticity works and we do our best to help kids grow in a positive direction. We are happy to work with special needs children in private settings as they can often end up being some of our best and most talented students. With just a little more time, support, and care, we go out of our way to bring them a little bit more joy in their days.

As for the "problem children," they are our favorite. Kids act out for a wide variety of issues, but we know how to redirect and refocus that energy into a more positive manner. Instead of punishing kids and teaching them how to avoid those punishments, let us instead engage them and provide them a fun, safe, stimulating release that can assist them in overcoming emotional issues or stress. 

How Drumming Helps Kids:

  • Increases attention

  • Fun, physical release of energy

  • Stimulating and engaging

  • Releases stress  

  • Boosts creativity

  • Improves cognitive function