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Corporate Team Building through Group Drumming

RhythmetriX's founder has extensive professional experience as an Operations and HR Director, Congressional Campaign Manager, and Labor Consultant. Let us show you the power a proper team building workshop can bring to your workforce!


RhythmetriX is a cutting edge group activity. Reward your high performers, help your strugglers improve, or take a break from the same old thing every other company does by providing a fun, engaging, and highly effective choice of activties.

We host companies as small as 5, as large as 5,000, and as a mobile company, we can reach you anywhere in the United States, from your home city to luxurious private retreats. The process is simple! 

Schedule an event at the location of your choosing, be it your company HQ, a private studio, a private roofdeck, or enjoy nature out in a local park. We bring the drums, you bring your employees, and the rest is easy!


Here are just some of the workshops we offer: team building, leadership training, creativity and confidence boosting, communication training, mindfulness, and FUN on the drums!

  • Release stress  

  • Boost creativity

  • Improve workplace dynamics

  • Increase employee performance

  • Improve communication skills

Immediate benefits of drumming include, but are not limited to: 
- Decreased stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms
- Increased creativity, working memory, emotional stability, positive thinking
- Group awareness, higher energy levels, and non-verbal communication skills.

Schedule an event at your work place, or let us find a spot in a park or studio near you for a totally unique team building event!

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