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Corporate Team Building through Group Drumming

RhythmetriX uses drums as a modality to achieve alpha-wave brain states, which is fancy for "flow state." Although this method requires drums to build, it does not require drums to last. Participants overwhelmingly report being able to translate skills learned in class back in the workplace and even at home. Curious how? Give us a call and we'll give you all the neuroscientific details you desire. 

  • Release and Reduce Stress  

  • Enhance Creativity

  • Improve Communication Skills

  • Increase Focus 

RhythmetriX guarantees results you can measure. 

Our engagements are designed and facilitated specific to your employees' needs. RhythmetriX has been proven to help employees effectively deal with stress,  increase focus, increase creativity, confidence, and perceived communication effectiveness, and even sleep better! 

We host companies small and large. As a mobile company, we can reach you anywhere in the United States, from your home city to luxurious private retreats.

Contact us below to get a custom quote based off the outcomes you want for your company. No two events we do are the same. 


Here are just some of the workshops we offer: team building, leadership training, creativity and confidence boosting, communication training, applied mindfulness,  stress release and meditation, and our signature: FUN on the drums!

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