Our problem with festivals is we never have enough time or drums to satisfy the huge level of interest. RhythmetriX is the PERFECT festival accouterments. From rhythmic fitness to meditation, our traditional rhythm classes, or master class workshops combining all three, RhythmetriX is a festival's dream come true. 


Traditional Rhythms: depending on the times (45 minutes - 90 minutes) we teach several traditional Japanese rhythms that are ultimately played together as one poly rhythmic beast.  We tend to throw in some creative games and ear-training exercises to stimulate the mind and enhance the level of fun. 

Rhythmic Meditation: who says meditation is sitting in stillness? Not us! We utilize every part of taiko drumming to engage in mindfulness meditation: from the sound of the drum, to the feeling of the reverberation of the skins, to the motion required to play. Our meditation classes are completely original and end in an interactive meditative sound bath.

Rhythmic Fitness: for the festival-goers looking to get a workout in while partying all weekend, look no further! Our drums are BIG: that means you can hit them as hard as you want or lift them up (at 30 lbs a pop) and the only thing hurting afterwords will be you! We engage our patrons here with a variety of strength and cardio exercises that all entail creating the very painstaking grooves that move you! 


Tribal Drums: Want a tribal experience? We've got you covered. We offer a variety of drum performances that vary from three to five members. Performances go from 30-60 minutes and can include a variety of instruments, from Taiko and Djembe drums, to chimes, gongs, didgeridoo, and hangpans! 

Sound Bath/Healing: similar to the tribal drums, but less intense and more intimate -- and with a heavy dose of the didge -- our sound bath explores the vibration magic of instruments. The journey begins with the didgeridoo before dropping into repetitive rhythms, which segues into a shower of high frequency fun, entailing gongs, chimes, bells, cymbals, hangpan, and much more! This is the more relaxing service we provide.

Interactive Performances: here, we combine the best of both worlds! We'll set up a workshop as described above but we let an audience engage and follow along as well. Just because we only have 15 big drums doesn't mean we can't get another 500 clapping, snapping, stomping, and cheering along! 

Drum Circles:

Professionally Facilitated Rhythmic Circles: sometimes drum circles can exist on their own. Other times, they have leaders that create a rhythmic symphony out of nothing! Using our huge, deep, taiko drums as a back beat, we add layers of percussion and rhythmic techniques to develop a living, breathing, changing drum circle that will attract all the drummers, dancers, and flow-arts-types alike. If they're not drumming, they're grooving along. Let us facilitate the best circle you've never yet experienced! 

Types of Festivals:

  • Music

  • Wellness

  • Mindfulness

  • Drumming

  • Lifestyle

  • Neighborhood/Block Party

  • Community 

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