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Fitness + Meditation

Our signature classes. Rhythmic Fitness and Rhythmic Meditation are the basis for what we do. Learn more!

Drums, Fitness, and Meditation. This is what we do.

We only get one body. Western modalities of exercise work for some, but there is more to fitness than going to the gym. Our drums are BIG and you can hit them as hard as you want. Proper technique begins with our feet firmly rooted into the ground, our knees bent, our core activated, and our back and arms firing in unison. Our fitness is not about playing the drums, it's about using the drums to get an intense cardiovascular workout that hits unconventional muscle groups. You'll be feeling it the next day! 




Meditation is not limited to sitting in stillness. To us, mindfulness meditation is the act of being fully present, in the moment, with intention, free of judgement. With no need for any drumming experience, our signature rhythmic mediations are accessible to anyone on day one as we harness almost entirely improvisational based activities. We utilize every part of drumming to engage in mindfulness meditation: from the sound of the drum, to the feeling of the reverberation of the skins, to the motion required to play. Our meditation classes are completely original. Highly recommended for meditators of all walks of life and experience. 

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