If you have a pulse, you can play these drums. Nobody is without rhythm. We offer classes for every level.. All classes are first-come, first-serve, so please show up 10-15 minutes early. If a class gets full, you are welcome to play auxilary perucssion and assist the teachers, you can share with a willing student, or you can bring your own drum, or watch and assist the teacher for free or class credit!


Fit Stix Level I

Taiko Fitness for beginners. Learn proper form and technique, explore a variety of easy and moderate rhythms while engaging in a high-intensity full-body work out.

Fit Stix Level II

A more challenging Taiko Fitness that combines a focus of rhythm and fitness for...

Fit Stix Level III

For those who want a maximum burn, look no further. Our highest level is for fitness and drumming nuts alike

Rhythm Hunting

Taiko For those who want to explore the rhythms and grooves these beautiful drums can create. Learn traditional Japanese rhythms, modern favorites, and improvised beats each and every class!

Rhythm Hunters

This is our intermediate class for those wanting to learn how to play Taiko. Learn a variety of rhythms - both traditional and modern - and improve your form with technique practice.

Rhythm Devils

Our most advanced rhythmic class. Explore a variety of rhythms of advanced difficulty, challenge your creativity and learn to create your own. Play with a group where all individuals play a different part to form a whole rhythmic masterpiece.

Zen Drums

Melt into your body as you use rhythm as your mantra. Take part in a meditative experience where the drum acts as your conduit to a place of extreme peace and relaxation.

Percussion Symphony

One of our funnest classes. Bring a percussive instrument or use one of ours - anything is permitted! Join others in concert and improvise a series of grooves and rhythms in real time.

Corporate Destress

Stressed at work? Just finished a long project? Unexpected troubles hurting production? Take it out together and blow off some steam as a team. We bring you the BIG drums, and for two hours, provide a platform for you to pound it  out. Find your groove, learn and improve.

Corporate Team Building / Leadership

Take a break from the mundane routine of motivational speakers and try this hands on approach to team building. Split your company up into small groups and learn to work together to create a complex rhythm that requires everyone working together.

Taiko Kids!

For Kids as young as 3 and as old as 13. Have fun with drums! Play what feels goot to you as a group, learn what it is you're doing and why it feels good, then jam it out!

Customized Artist Class

Whether it's the Beatles or Drake, learn the beats and rhythms to your favorite songs and pound away as they play!

Notify us in advance and we'll create a custom workout for you and your friends!