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Products for Sale

Spiral Didgeridoo - Wood Etsy Facebagel Rhythmetrix.jpg

Handmade Spiral Didgeridoo

Size doesn't matter! Now you can play the didgeridoo anywhere using this small, compact, light-weight spiral version, handcrafted and painted by our close friends in Indonesia. 

$100 + tax 


Handmade Taiko Drum

Our taiko drums are one-of-a-kind. Each drum is carefully built by hand, deconstructed from wine and whisky barrels, sanded, stained, and slowly pieced together, part by part, by hand, with love.

$600 + tax


Shirts and Tanks

Like our logo? Want to represent? Let us know and we'll get a shirt or tank to you!

Prices vary on material and sizing.

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