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RhythmetriX offers a dynamic range of workshops across any and all industries. Read below to find out how we can accommodate you!

We offer a variety of private services and workshops in all industries. Click into any of the options below to learn more about what we offer!

Corporate & Business:  Screens don't build teams. We do. Strengthen connections, reduce stress, or enhance your team's cognitive faculties. If we don't deliver results, you don't pay the full invoice. Try us out!


Schools & Camps: Accommodating kids of all ages, we're experienced and eager to provide your kids with a stimulating, engaging, and FUN wellness  experience that's safe, inclusive, and judgement free. 

Festivals & Wellness Retreats: We provide instant value with elite, novel programming that will bring your event to the next level. Any location and any size group is possible. 

Mindfulness, Fitness, and Wellness: Rewire the brain. Regulate the nerves. Our wellness-oriented sessions are our bread and mutter. Be the beat that moves you in our one-of-a-kind fitness session, utilize the power of giant drums to meditate, or, enjoy the various programs we have to enhance your overall wellbeing! 

Private Eve
nts: From birthday parties to sound baths to fitness camps to anything in between -- you tell us what you're looking for and we'll find a way to make it work!

Professional Coaching: Tap into your true potential with our 1-on-1 personal development programs. Cultivate awareness of your current ways in order to build sustainable competencies to create change.

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