Team Building, Talent Retention, Applied Mindfulness

RhythmetriX is the answer to your human capital needs. Retain your top talent, foster deep-seeded bonds between your current employees, and show your staff you genuinely care. We offer in-person experiences with and without drums. 

RhythmetriX guarantees results you can measure. 

Our engagements are designed and facilitated specific to your employees' needs. RhythmetriX has been proven enhance team bonding, increases focus, creativity, communication, and decreases stress. 

We host companies small and large. As a mobile company, we can reach you anywhere in the United States, from your home city to luxurious private retreats.


Here are just some of the workshops we offer: team building, leadership training, creativity and confidence boosting, communication training, applied mindfulness,  stress release and meditation, and our signature: FUN on the drums!

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With Our Founder: 

  • Retain your Top Talent

  • Reduce Stress  + Prevent Burnout

  • Enhance Creativity

  • Improve Communication Skills

  • Increase Focus 



“We are the #1 All State Branch in Oklahoma because my team works fluidly together. RhythmetriX was by far their most enjoyable  team-building experience. Max's ability to connect his program to real business situations was incredible. The day after our session, I saw smiles around the office and heard excellent communication top to bottom. 10/10!”

Jordan Diamond
- Owner 

"To do my job, I need exceptional focus. Since completing RhythmetriX's  program, I'm noticing my ability to handle multiple projects and clients at the same time - without skipping a beat - has become effortless.
Thank you Max!"

Paige Infortuna

-- Director of Business Operations