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Team Building That Works

RhythmetriX guarantees results you can measure. 

Our engagements are designed and facilitated specific to your employees' needs. We host companies small and large. As a mobile company, we can reach you anywhere in the United States, from your home city to luxurious private retreats.


Our Engagements:

  • Team Building,

  • Stress Busting,

  • Creativity and Confidence Containers

  • Communication Training

  • Intuitive Leadership

  • Applied Mindfulness.

  • Non-Instrumental Engagements

Multi-Week Cognitive Function Programs: want to utilize our MetriX? Select a team of up to 14 people and commit to one hour a week for a minimum of four weeks, and we will provide you with measurable data showing change over time. Take a look at previous results.

Schedule a Quick

  • Strengthen Connections

  • Retain Your Top Talent

  • Reduce Stress  + Prevent Burnout

  • Enhance Creativity

  • Improve Communication Skills

  • Increase Focus 

See the Metrix:

Drum Backdrop2_edited.png

What Clients Say 


“Max's ability to connect his program to real business situations was incredible. As the #1 All State branch in Oklahoma, I'm always looking for the best ways to get my team to bond together. This was it. 10/10!!

Jordan Diamond
- Owner 

"To do my job, I need exceptional focus. Since completing RhythmetriX's  program, I'm noticing my ability to handle multiple projects and clients at the same time - without skipping a beat - has become effortless.
Thank you RhythmetriX!"

Paige Infortuna

- Director of Business Operations


“Our staff loved it - I loved it! We can't wait to bring RhythmetriX back for more programming in the future."

Brad Melshenker - CEO 


"RhythmetriX was engaging, fun, and provided a great way for our staff to connect to each other. "

Chris Hunter- Co-Founder, CEO


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