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The Ultimate Music Festival Offering:

Create layers of added value for your patrons, VIP guests, staff, and little kids alike! Take a look at our various offerings, or, submit an inquiry for your own custom programming and we'll design something special. 

Interactive Performances: give us a stage and some willing participants and we'll give you a party in return. Our one-of-a-kind interactive engagements make your guests the star of show. Throughout the event, we will bring in several groups of participants and use them to build fun, cohesive grooves, AND, we teach people a little bit about the application of mindfulness in the process. Give patrons unforgettable memories and separate yourself from the pack! 

360 Degree Sound Experience:  every festival needs moments of tranquility to help recharge for evenings of rage. Our signature sound bath explores the vibrational magic of over 20 instruments such as didgeridoo, gongs, chimes, bells, cymbals, hangpan, our signature taiko drums, and much more! What's best is we don't simply stand on a stage -- we walk around the crowd and bring the music to you! Perfect for Saturday and Sunday mornings before the day picks up, and especially nice for VIP guests. 

Tribal Drums: Want a tribal experience? We've got you covered. We offer a variety of drum performances that vary from three to five members. Performances go from 30-60 minutes and can include a variety of instruments, from Taiko and Djembe drums, to chimes, gongs, didgeridoo, and hangpans! 


Kids Sessions: Family friendly? Say no more! Our engagements are like super strong apple juice -- kids can't get enough! We can provide programming for any age group in any capacity, and, even offer family-friendly options for everyone to enjoy in rhythm together. 



Types of Festivals:

  • Music

  • Wellness

  • Mindfulness

  • Drumming

  • Lifestyle

  • Neighborhood/Block Party

  • Community 

Workshops for Patrons and VIP Guests

Rhythmic Mindfulness: from the sound of the drum, to the feeling of the reverberation of the skins, to the motion required to play, our meditation classes are completely original and end in an interactive meditative sound bath.

Rhythmic Fitness: for the festival-goers looking to get a workout in while partying all weekend, look no further! Our taiko fitness workout class is a cardio workout that will make your soul smile and your arms tired!

Polyrhythmic Empowerment: 
we split the group up and teach several rhythms one at a time before ultimately having all three groups play their parts together as one polyrhythmic beast.  We also throw in some creative games and ear-training exercises to stimulate the mind and enhance the level of fun. 

Large Scale Drumming Engagements

Professionally Facilitated Rhythmic Circles: drum circles can be amazingly cohesive, or, they can sound like a noisy popcorn machine you simply want to unplug. We take a group of any size and turn it into a collective musical conversation that feels as good as it sounds. If there is chaos, we organize it. If there is cohesion, we get out of the way. In this modality, we can either bring up to 80 pieces of percussive gear, or, participants are free to bring their own drums. 

We're still looking for a festival willing to partner with us on our quest to create the biggest, baddest, most musical drum circle in music festival history. If that's you, let us know and we'll offer you a very special discount. 

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