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The RhythmetriX Team

We can only be as good as our people. Meet them all!


Max Young

Facilitator | Coach | Partnerships

Max is our founder and lead visionary. A drummer from a very early age, Max tapped his way into academia where he eventually studied behavioral neuroscience. After evolving professionally from running HR and operations departments, to a congressional campaign manager, and labor consulting, Max has been fortunate to observe human behavior in enough industries to learn how to modify it in desirable ways -- particularly with drums. 



Michael Blount

Lead Facilitator | Children's Education | 
At Risk Groups (All Ages)

Michael feels every beat that comes off a drum. Whether he's on djembe, congas, dumbek, or the taiko, Michael knows how to keep a circle flowing and the rhythm going. With years of teaching a wide variety of children and adults with diverse ranges in age and backgrounds, Michael is a patient, fun, engaging facilitator who has a talent for understanding emotions and a great habit of leaving you with a smile. 



Matthew White

All Things Acoustic | Didgeridoo | Guitar

Matthew is a phenomenal talent with a personality that makes you want to be around him, offering abilities in acoustic guitar and vocals, didgeridoo, and drumming. The head of our signature Didgeridoo Soundbath offering, Matthew quickly became an essential team player by also teaching and performing didge, assisting in classes, and then solving our client's needs for non-drumming musical entertainment. Matthew is an elite entertainer with the voice of an angel and can provide brunchy, park-vibes acoustic guitar to any atmosphere where live music is permitted. 


Madison Asher

Human Development Coach | Facilitator

Madison has a gift with language and a passion for helping people shift perspectives. Trained in Integral Coaching and Yoga Nidra, she holds an easy space for people to feel seen, heard, and validated in order to bring awareness to their current ways and support sustainable developmental capabilities for the future. With an extensive background in corporate partnerships, teaching language (she's a trained Spanish translator!), and helping everyone in her circle thrive when they need her most, we are thrilled to have a conscious communicator on our team who can facilitate a rhythmic experience with the best of em. 


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