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Perspective Shifting

If you looked at the most beautiful painting in the world through a pair of muddy glasses, how would it look to you? Learn how to shift your perception and regain the power to choose your response to any given situation life throws your way.

Kids & Adults with ADHD

Struggling to fit in a world not fit for you? We get it. Learn how to better manage your neurodiversity, as well as its impact on yourself and the world around you, from someone who lives with and studies executive dysfunction every day. 

Confidence Coaching

Self conscious? Anxious? Tired of it? Get out of your head and into your body. Our virtual confidence programs will help shift your mind's eye, and, by virtue, its narrative. 

Integrative Coaching

Integrative coaching is a client-centered approach to address the health and well being of the whole person. Become more aware of current approaches, so you can begin to see new possibilities and build sustainable new capabilities.

Applied Mindfulness

Meditation doesn't have to be hard. We offer various modalities of mindfulness training to help you cultivate self-regulatory tools to call upon in the moment. Learn how to pay attention to the present moment, on purpose, absent judgement. 

Men's Mental Health

Modern demands on what it means to "be a man," are nearly impossible to meet. Learn how to manage your emotions, pick up practical tools you can use right away, and see if you can navigate life a little easier with some pointed guidance. 

1-on-1 Coaching & Mentorship Programs

Due to overwhelming requests for individual sessions with our facilitators, we're thrilled to feature our in-person and virtual mentorship sessions with our professional coaches

What Our Clients Say



Max was incredible! I can palpably feel the shedding of years of repressed anxiety and emotional blocks around self-expression. Max is so attuned it's almost as if he's able to read my mind. He is perceptive, persistent, encouraging, and SO MUCH FUN! 

Meet our professional coaches! 

Max Young

Max provides two primary styles of coaching. The first is a virtual modality focusing on shifting one's inner-monologue and the narrative that follows. The other is rhythmic mindfulness, a novel approach which utilizes non-verbal communication within 1-on-1 drumming exercises to extrapolate what processes are taking place deep within the psyche while your focus is occupied elsewhere.

*Only 1 open availability*

Madison Asher

Madison is a human development coach with a gift for language and a passion for helping people frame the world through new perspectives. With training in Integral Theory coaching and Yoga Nidra, Madison brings a reflector's lens to ensure all facets of her clients' well-being are considered when diving into any topic.  By shining a light on your current approaches, Madison will guide you to develop new capabilities to shape sustainable change in your life.

Read Madison's Musings

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