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We have "metrics" in our name for a reason. Learn the science behind the movement!

What is RhythmetriX? How does the science look so far?

In as little as ONE, one-hour session each week, we have seen consistent positive movement for specific mental health outcomes. The most common feedback is a heightened, more consistent sense of awareness, an increased ability to listen, and most encouraging, an increased frequency for the ability to take a breath and think about responding (as opposed to reacting in the moment) to things. This combination of executive functioning and emotional regulation is what we seek to actively grow over time. 

Below are the graphed results from our most recent longitudinal study that combines one longitudinal corporate mindfulness session with four different cohorts of our signature Rhythmic Minfullness sessions in Denver and Philadelphia. Here are their before and after charts, where a valiance scale of 1-10 has 1 showing "lowest" and 10 "highest." 

How Your Brain Benefits From Rhythm

  • Decreases stress & anxiety

  • Boosts learning 

  • Increases attentiveness

  • Raises confidence

  • Fights depression by stimulating the formation of neural pathways

  • Increases ability to notice what is going on in the moment
  • Increases focus 
  • Increases energy levels at the end of the day
  • Increases association between rhythm and wellbeing 
  • Higher levels of energy

  • Improved mood

  • Greater creative capacity

  • Benefits of "Flow State"

  • Slows down your thoughts

  • May cause dancing

  • Increases "flow state" activity 
  • Increases engagement on daily tasks
  • Increases mood congruency throughout the day
  • Gives the ability to use rhythm to create moments of mindfulness 
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