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We have "metrics" in our name for a reason. Learn the science behind the movement!

What is RhythmetriX? How does the science look?

RhythmetriX combines music with movement and mindfulness to quickly rewire the brain and regulate the nervous system through unique modalities of group drumming. 

The premise behind the program is simple: we know from empirical data that being outside, being social, exercising, meditating, and both listening to and playing music -- specifically drumming -- is great for brain health. That said, checking five items off your "to-do" list can be daunting, and in today's busy world, impossible for some to regularly get to. We decided to take all of these components, blend them together, and create a brand new program featuring all of the best facets science says will help our mental health.

In as little as ONE, one-hour session each week, you can expect positive movement for your mental health, as well as the mental health of your team, co-workers, or employees. 

Here are results from our most recent longitudinal study - we engaged the same group of employees once weekly for five weeks.

Here are their before and after charts, where 1 represents the lowest answer and 10 represents the highest answer. 

How Your Brain Benefits From Rhythm

  • Decreases stress & anxiety

  • Boosts learning 

  • Increases attentiveness

  • Raises confidence

  • Fights depression by stimulating the formation of neural pathways

  • Increases ability to notice what is going on in the moment
  • Increases focus 
  • Increases energy levels at the end of the day
  • Increases association between rhythm and wellbeing 
  • Higher levels of energy

  • Improved mood

  • Greater creative capacity

  • Benefits of "Flow State"

  • Slows down your thoughts

  • May cause dancing

  • Increases "flow state" activity 
  • Increases engagement on daily tasks
  • Increases mood congruency throughout the day
  • Gives the ability to use rhythm to create moments of mindfulness 
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