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RhythmetriX is an engaging and stimulating means of development for kids of all ages. Watch our videos below and see for yourself!

For Camps:


Interactive Workshops:  We emphasize fun and making all kids feel comfortable expressing themselves in a variety of ways. Choose from programs such as: fun on the drums, the energy express, musical mindfulness, or creativity and confidence, or, tell us your vision and we will design something just for you!

Color War Break:  What better way to signal the start of color war with a huge set of deep drums pounding all over the camp? Surprised your kids (and staff) with our giant, handmade drums! 


Staff Trainings: Need your staff learning how to connect, communicate, or lead more effectively? We've got you covered -- with various modalities, we'd encourage you reach you to teach us your desirable outcomes and we will design a program just for you.

We do singular day sessions or weekly sessions depending on your needs.

Performances: we'll come to your establishment and perform for up to 45 minutes. Performances begin with a brief informative session on our drums before getting right into the action. We have both choreographed and improvised performances involving drums and didgeridoo to provide kids with a musical experience unlike traditional American music but just as fun!!

How Drumming Helps Kids:

  • Promotes connection

  • Fun, physical release of energy

  • Stimulating and engaging

  • Releases stress  

  • Boosts creativity

  • Improves cognitive function

For Schools:

Educational Incursions (Assemblies): we'll come to your school, set up some drums, give a brief overview of our drums, where they come from, how they're built, and provide the history and cultures behind the techniques. Then we'll engage the students by doing some clapping games to get them involved before wrapping up with a short performance. 

Interactive Workshops: if you want a more hands-on experience for your kids, we do that too! We can accommodate groups of up to 45 kids at a time. In that time frame, we will demonstrate how drumming works, split the group up into three groups, teach them a rhythm, engage them in ear-training games, and then let them unleash some energy!


Applied Mindfulness/Professional Development (for Teachers): learn how to utilize mindfulness to help facilitate a more intentional learning environment. 

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