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Mindfulness + Movement

Michelle B, Philadelphia PA

"It's like I just did yoga, went for a run, meditated, danced, and played with my friends all at once. I am BUZZING!!"

A Unique Approach to Neuroplasticity and Nerveous System Regulation 


Meditation in stillness can be an uncomfortably challenging practice. We transfort that into enjoyment. Our signature Rhythmic Mindfulness offerings platform a series of specific engagements to develop the same neural circuitries typically found with traditional meditation. Between the somatic experience of activating the entire body and the cognitive focus that results in cultivating layers of intentional awareness, RhythmetriX is an inclusive, judgement-free zone that requires NO experience. 

We only get one body. Might as well have fun using it! Our drums are BIG and you can hit them as hard as you want. Our fitness is not about playing the drums, it's about using the drums to get an intense cardiovascular workout that hits unconventional muscle groups in a way that binds you to your group. Whether the challenge is mild, medium, or extra spicy, we make rhythmic movement fun, engaging, exhausting and worth the while. Be the beat that moves you! 

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