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The Rhythm of Being Heard

by Madison Asher

All day long we’re being asked to be our own translators. We all have an inner world communicating to us through sentiments, sensations, thoughts and more. As we encounter the outer world of our day to day lives, we spend an immense amount of energy attempting to clearly transfer what’s happening on the inside to the outside. We can express ourselves over and over, but it’s only half of the equation. The other half? That’s being heard. Have you ever intended to communicate your inner world to the outside and it was received precisely as you desired? A drawing exactly as you envisioned it, a sentiment received by your partner as you intended, a guitar riff just as you heard it in your mind? Can you remember how that felt?

Sometimes we express just to get it out. Other times, we desperately long to be heard. The only way this fluidity of inner to outer world can continue to be a clear channel is through practice. Freedom of expression can only go so far without the vulnerability of practice: the vulnerable practice of being misunderstood, perhaps a piece of you lost in translation. Just like with any creativity, the more we practice, the better we get. Why not practice while the stakes are low so that when the stakes are high you’re equipped with the skills? That’s what we do at RhythmetriX. We offer a container and a few guidelines to house your creative expression. You show up to risk being vulnerable for the chance to experience the feeling of fluidity from inside to outside.

Maybe you risk enough that you can taste a whole new feeling of being you, a whole new lighter and connected feeling of being heard exactly as you desire. Practice being heard with us.

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