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The Rhythm of Our Worries

We will always have our problems. Our issues, our concerns, our troubles, our worries, they’re not going anywhere. They may change shape over time, sure, just like energy that can neither be created nor destroyed but can change form. Rather than trying to eradicate them, how else can we approach them to feel that we’re somehow progressing? 

Perhaps we begin to inquire further about how we’re being in them as a reference point for discovering our growth.  We’re bound to experience conflict and challenges and worries and friction. If we continue to approach these with the mindset that we must get rid of them in order to feel we’re succeeding, we’ll almost always come up short. We may experience an ephemeral moment of time when they feel more contained, more under control or diminished in magnitude. But ultimately, they’ll pop up again just like a game of whack a mole (and if that reference goes over your head, just ask someone over 30). So how do we focus instead on shifting how we’re being with our challenges, rather than seeking to rid ourselves of them? 

Maybe we measure how much time passes between reaction and response. As we notice the same scenarios that trigger a reaction for us, we can begin to notice the gap in time shortening between reactive behaviors and chosen response. Maybe we notice the shifts in the patterns of thoughts and emotions that run through us when we encounter a point of tension. Where anxiety and frustration may have emerged before, perhaps curiosity and calm lead the way now. A pit in the stomach may now be a deeper breath — and if not, perhaps at minimum, we know how to access trying a deeper breath in the heat of the moment.

These are practices that are always available, but it’s not always easy to know when they’re presented to us. We recently relaunched our Women in Rhythm series, gatherings for women to experience what it’s like to show up in community and notice their own patterns. Yes, the series strives to bring women together for the sake of connection, shared expression and to harness the potency of the feminine collective. AND these spaces challenge us. They give us the opportunity to face the heat of the moment, the ones that seduce us into wanting to compete, to compare, to yearn to belong, to judge, to put down. It would be a disservice if we didn’t acknowledge that this too is part of the territory of the collective feminine. So we go right into the heat of it, get vulnerable with our expression in order to collectively shift what a group of women is all about. This is the intention of Women in Rhythm.

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