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The Rhythm of Staying Informed

What does it mean to “stay informed”?  These days, it’s almost impossible NOT to stay informed. We are constantly inundated with information, so to “stay informed” has little to do with exposure and much more to do with choice. We are being informed whether we choose to be or not. The deluge of information won’t stop, so I’ve begun to wonder how else we can approach information? Rather than encourage staying informed (ie. gain more pieces of information), we can “prioritize the art of navigating information”. This requires the much more skillful act of discernment and understanding our motivators around information. Rather than be slapped with stimuli around every corner, we can learn to manage our consumption in the face of the flood. We can learn to more skillfully maneuver our paths through the age of constant content.  

Just like food, we can choose what to consume and what to avoid. Sure there will always be temptation to indulge our senses, enjoy the sweet treats after dinner and celebratory feasts. But just because it’s available, does not mean that we must ingest it. The same way those choices begin to constitute our physical bodies, what we consume with our other senses begins to constitute our other bodies. What we see, hear, smell and experience begins to affect our more subtle bodies, our mental and energetic bodies. We can impact how we feel and interpret the world by making intentional choices about what we allow in and what we filter out. I’m not arguing for ignorance as bliss nor that it’s better to shield ourselves from the ugly so we can believe the world to be beautiful. Fasting can be great for the digestive system, yet too many days in row can become unsustainable and detrimental. Nonetheless, we do require a certain consideration as the current of information washes over us. So how are you nourishing yourself each day given the ever-flowing stream of information at your fingertips?

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