Tap into your primal neural networks and experience a wavelength of social, emotional, and physical consciousness humans have been accessing since the beginning of time.

Corporate Events

What better way to build commeraderie and teamwork skills than by working together in a musical way? Learn to play both simple and advanced rhythms and activities that depend on groups working together; and pound your stress away in the process!


Fitness Classes


Sounds just as it read -- join a group or bring your friends and learn to turn your rhythm into a workout. From high interval training, to endurance and cardiovascular boosts, to a wide variety of calisthenics, these courses will leave you rocked out!

Rhythm Courses & Meditation


Learn how to play traditional 

Japanese taiko rhythms, as well as a variety of forms of rhythms. As a group, you'll utilize the power of these huge drums to really feel the resonance and absorb the vibrations.


Serving Southern New Jersey and the greater Philadelphia region, Rhythmetrix uses Japaneses Drums (taiko) built in an African style, borrowed from an Australian rhythmic guru, to deliver high intensity rhythm based exercises, engaging meditation workshops, and fun rhythm classes right here in America! We unite music, movement, and mindfulness for an experience centered on wholesome wellness that can be tangibly measured and backed by concepts in neuroscience. *Note - we are a MOBILE COMPANY and we can come to you, so if you are not in the immediate tri-state area, simply call us and inquire!

Rhythmetrix Classes, workshops & events held in Southern New Jersey & Philadelphia .



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