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MetriX and Musings

Word from our Founder

Max Young

Our name is what it is because our goal is to both uncover and share the science behind our programs. We're starting to uncover why FOCUS, CREATIVITY, and STRESS RESPONSE are the most common improvements people see from consistent engagement with RhythmetriX sessions.

The Rhythm of your Life

Mindfulness Concepts to Take Off the Drums and Into Your Life

I’m not a drummer and you don’t have to be either. As a facilitator, I show up as myself and let the drums be my tool. I let them give me physical, visual and audio representations of the more elusive concepts on mindfulness, on communication, on group dynamics. I let them teach me that choosing the most complex option isn’t always how I demonstrate my capabilities. Sometimes choosing a pause enhances the group’s dynamic. I redefine the goal. It isn’t always adding more and increasing in complexity. It can be subtracting. It can be that pulling up my sticks while everyone else continues to play IS the riskier move.

To me, It’s not the content of what we’re doing, it’s how we engage with it. What are we saying to ourselves as we do these exercises? Can we replace that inner monologue that’s always yapping away at us with the sound of the rhythms – dum, dum, dum – dum, dum, dum? How are we offering into the space? How are we receiving from the group? Where do we feel we’re holding back or not giving ourselves permission to participate? What does it even mean to participate? My take is that it's showing up and getting curious about what it means to do so as myself. Because it turns out, sometimes it's a challenge to recognize what that feels like.

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