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The Rhythm of Your Rest

Musings by Madison Asher -

How we spend our time in the empty spaces is just as important to the rhythm of our days as any other facet. What and when we eat, how and when we move our bodies, who we speak or spend time with – these are how we fill our days. The unfilled spaces are just as vital. If you know music, you know the power of the rest note: the potent space when a rhythm has just built up and then lingers in the tension of that pause. What comes next can be powerful. It’s not that the magic is in the pause – it’s that the pause can be the gateway to the magical, to the powerful. The potency of the pause is found on the other side of its release.

If it’s true with music, it can be true with our ways too and how we orchestrate our various moving parts in any given moment. We can only conduct that symphony if we have the training on what works well and what doesn’t. When to add the rest note to our days in order to lead us towards the power of what comes next comes with practice. If we don’t know when and how to utilize the empty space, we may never reach our optimal rhythmic state. Come discover what that could feel like. Practice the rhythm of your rest with us.

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