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The Rhythm of Your Workday

Mindfulness Concepts to Apply Away from the Drums to Live a More Grounded Life

Many of us have recently been tasked with creating the rhythms of our own workdays. For the past several years and the recent uptick in work away from the office, we have the responsibility not only for the content of our work, but for the pace and space of how we perform it. Some of us have never had to do this before. I’ve heard from friends that they're developing bad habits – they sit in front of a computer all day, there are no built in opportunities for socializing in person, lunch becomes an all day snacking affair.

Maybe we’re trying to mimic what we believe to be the rhythm of a workday from previous experience but it doesn’t feel quite right. Because no one is shaping the flow of our workday, we have the opportunity to find our own. But what is truly conducive to our best work? How do we create this rhythm for ourselves? How do we know what works well and what doesn’t? We all have an optimal rhythm to our day to day lives. Can we recognize it? Let us help you discover how it feels.

DID YOU KNOW: when an entire group of drummers locks into a rhythm and repeats it over time, their heart rate AND brain waves synchronize?

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