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The Rhythm of Arriving (the Second Half)

by Madison Asher

We put a lot of energy into going where we want to be. But how much energy do we put into being where we want to go? That’s what I call the second half. No wonder there are so many offerings, inspiring quotes and practices around stillness and being. We rarely find ourselves being exactly where we wanted to go, even if we get there. We forget this is part of our pursuit. We do what we can to go where we want to be. But what are we doing in order to BE once we arrive? We’re living in the first half so much so that we take it to be the whole. But what if I told you there was a second half? And by the mere knowing of its existence, perhaps we might direct more attention towards it and discover what fulfillment can feel like.

How do we discover this on the drums at RhythmetriX? In our group drumming sessions, we offer a new rhythm and each person finds their way with it. We explore, we get lost and we find our way home to the original rhythm. Along the way, we may discover there are moments when the groove clicks. It’s as though each participant in the circle has arrived, landed, and is now experiencing the second half. Together with the group, we can begin to feel what it’s like to BE where we wanted to GO. Can you feel it? The second half is always available, we just need to learn how to transition from the pursuit into the arrival. With rhythms, we can begin to hear, feel and experience the second half so that we may translate this to our everyday lives.

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