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The Rhythm of Choice

by Madison Asher

Cultivate Your Art of Decision Making

The art of navigating choice has never been more magnified as a need. There seem to be so many options now for building a meaningful life, perhaps more so than ever before. How to earn money. How to educate ourselves. How to best take care of our bodies and our minds. What to consume. What not to consume. Move this much in these ways and also remember to rest. What does family mean for me? What does community mean for me? Where should I live? It’s a constant stream now of choice because of the progress we’ve made. These arenas in our lives have been around for ages, yet we’re living in a time when options are so vast that our decision making capabilities are in need of extra support to keep up.

The overload of options from information inundation mixed with a broadening variety of acceptable choices is challenging us to be even more refined with our inner barometers of “yes” and “no”. The freedom of choice we yearn for can quickly become a burden if we aren’t taking the time to cultivate our practice of choice. The decision making process is being tested powerfully and the question remains, how are you choosing to respond? I’m not vying for you to make the choice of joining a RhythmetriX event or starting a coaching journey with me. I am vying for you to choose to cultivate and practice the art of choice because I contend it’s one of the most needed skill sets to have during a time of overstimulation. Maybe it all starts with the choice to show up and pay attention. As we continue to choose to engage with the world around us, we are already filtering more data points to refine our personal choice algorithms -- so long as we stay present enough to notice them.

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