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The Rhythm of Curiosity

by Madison Asher

What if curiosity went beyond questions and answers? What if curiosity was about questions separate from answers? What if it meant to explore without the requirement of a destination? What if curiosity showed us what it felt like to be in sincere exploration, untethered to an arrival point? What might be revealed when we let go of answers as part of the equation and instead hone in on the discovery of insights? How would we know what that feels like? At RhythmetriX, we ask you to explore, cuing you into a feeling of risk and discovery. We set a homebase rhythm and encourage exploration.

You close your eyes, you hear home and you begin to move your body in new ways to produce new rhythms within the familiar sounds we've just created. How often does this process get hijacked by the need to arrive at a new destination, a new complex and exciting rhythm? What could it feel like to drop into genuine curiosity throughout the process? What if instead of an answer to arrive at by the end of the exercise, you allowed curiosity to uncover what’s already present, yet feels like new? This, I argue, is how we discover what it feels like to live the question. Come exploring with us and discover what’s longing to be revealed.

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