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The Rhythm of Pace

by Madison Asher

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about pace. I’ve been taking note of the different moments when pace has been the theme of the message. I’ve come across: “urgency to rush is usually rooted in fear”; “power is strengthened when ushered through patient channels”; “in nature, the rapid changes are usually most destructive like earthquakes, volcanoes and tornadoes while the slowest moving facets are most majestic like trees, mountains, and beaches.” So how does this inform how we relate to the eagerness within us? When do you feel eager to get what you want, what you desire? What is currently present that unfolded gradually and quietly? By paying attention to this one lens within our everyday motions, we may evoke more awareness around our optimal speed of approaching what we desire. And it may in fact be rooted in that ooey gooey slowed-down pace of savoring.

How does this translate to the drums at RhythmetriX? How many times have you experienced excitement turning into speed? I almost always notice that my cue for getting louder during our group drumming also tends to translate into a faster pace. “Louder is not faster!” regularly extracts a chuckle from someone in the group. The first time I heard this as a participant, I laughed at myself at its absurd yet resonant truth. We so closely relate the thrill of loud, big, extraordinary acts with a fiery faster feel. So what happens when we get slower as we get louder, more patient as we gain power? What might happen if we go so slow that each sound we generate in its loudness has extra impact? That’s what we practice on the drums. That’s where we explore what it looks like to generate powerful progress through slower paces.

Perhaps we even discover that slowing down gets us to where we want to go more quickly.

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