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The Rhythm of Sensuality

by Madison Asher

I believe sensuality is the most intimate experience of a mind-body connection. And I believe breath is the glue that brings that connection into fruition. So what then, does mindfulness have to do with sensuality? We often hear these words and adopt some parts of them that may not in fact resonate with us: “Mind-body connection” “breath” “mindfulness”. What if we forget the words for a moment and tap into the experience of them? I’ll share my own process of doing this as an example of what we can do when we take more inquisitive looks at common words, phrases and even clichés. Sensuality appreciates the slower aspects of life. It’s slow, it’s intentional, it’s pleasurable. We juice every moment of an experience for what it offers. We savor it. How can we do that? How can we best soak that moment in? We connect our minds with our bodies using our breath as the translator. Who doesn’t want the sensation of savoring heightened pleasure? Sometimes we say presence. Sometimes we say love. Sometimes we say sensuality. A word is just a word until we give it meaning through application. So start with the application. Start with your application. What’s the experience you think of when you think of mindfulness? Presence? Love? Any word you choose. Then ask yourself what isolated variables are present within that experience. For me, mindfulness is my mind speaking to me in the language of my body.

To me, sensuality feels like power in its gentlest form, guided by the metronome of my breath. What might you discover if you take a deep dive into your personal experience of a common word in your world?

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