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The Rhythm of Uncertainty

by Madison Asher

There can be times when we choose not to engage in a situation because we aren’t 100% clear on what we want. In those moments, it can be important to remember that we are almost never 100% clear on anything we think we know. Certainty, stability, arrival – these tend to be seductive mirages we strive toward yet when we grasp for their tangible outcome, they seem to slip through our fingers. Once we embrace that uncertainty is a container within which we live, we can operate differently. Rather than being paralyzed into a situation of waiting for clarity which will likely never come, we can become comfortable about walking out into the dark, trusting that something will become clearer if we become more engaged.

Each time you show up to a RhythmetriX circle, we are carving out an ephemeral container to play with uncertainty. We provide structures through exercises, tools through drums and guidance through a facilitator. When we leave, and erase the scaffolding of the class we just held, what are we left with? Stronger muscles and more developed capabilities to approach the unknown. How we choose to use those away from the drums is yet to be discovered. The only way we can discover what wants to be revealed is to show up and practice with the tangible so that when the inevitable uncertainty grows louder in our headspace, we’re better equipped to move through it with grace and ease.

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