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The Rhythm of Vulnerability

by Madison Asher

What is it to be vulnerable anyway? Sure, we hear the word often around emotional and relational intelligence circles. We hear that vulnerability is our pathway to connection and I agree. But after so many iterations, the word itself can begin to defy its own nature. It begins to belong to an expression, an idiom, a default mode. The idea, as with many, is shared so widely that its overuse can lead to its demise. Over time, its impact dulls and we aren’t experiencing vulnerability as the sincere conduit for connection it stands for. So what does it mean to be vulnerable? Maybe it’s questioning the way you’ve been doing things just a little bit. Maybe it’s allowing yourself to redefine what vulnerability has meant to you so far in your life. Maybe it’s expanding the definition of vulnerable beyond the scope you’ve grown used to.

Redefine vulnerability by redefining how you apply it in your own self-inquiry. Like mining for raw minerals in the earth, we cannot work on parts of ourselves until they’ve been excavated. We choose to discover them from beneath the surface. Now they can be weathered.

So what about the drums? Do you feel vulnerable playing them? I certainly do. Every. Single. Time. I’m on display, I’m playing a role on a bigger team, I’m being seen AND heard at the same time in front of strangers. So are you. And so when you show up to the drums,vulnerably, what part of you wishes to expand its definition? What longs to be redefined? To be vulnerable on behalf of expanding your approaches to everyday choices is to show up courageously in what you don't yet know. And the unknown is extremely vulnerable.

You may be thinking you don’t know the drums. But I assure you, the drums know you.

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